Why childen should be encouraged to get involved with sport.

When I was a child (albeit not that long ago), I would spend my summer holidays out with my friends, riding our bikes, playing run outs, kicking a football around or just inventing our own sports games. Even during term time I would fill my evenings with after school sports clubs such as rounders, athletics, volleyball and football. But kids these days don’t seem to do a lot of that. Not by their own accord anyway.

I feel there’s one main reason for this. The rise in technology. Kids are more excited about going home and playing on their smartphones or tablets than going outside, being active and playing sport. They want to be playing Angry Birds in front of the television instead of playing sports outside with their friends.

To me, this is bad. After all, they are the future. The future of everything, including sport. Amongst the young children of today are our future sports stars, coaches, managers, commentators and arguably the most important, future fans. And without all of these, there will simply be a decline in sport.

If children aren’t interested in sport, then the future of sport could be affected. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that any children who play sport are going to become a professional. But some of them will.

Yet, it’s not all about that. Being ‘involved’ in sport can mean so many different things. Even just being a fan and supporting your club or your country is effective. Fans are motivators. They motivate performers to do well. A team want to do well for their fans who have made the effort to watch from the stands or tune in to the radio. Fans also motivate the media to do well. Commentators and presenters want to do well as they know people are listening to them. Do you think coverage of sports would be around if nobody watched or listened to them? Definitely not.

So what I’m saying is, it’s up to us to encourage our young children, brothers and sisters, relatives or family friends to get involved in sport. This may mean forcing them off of their X-Box to go and play tennis in the park, or taking them to watch a football match every now and then, but it will be worth it. It will benefit them in more ways than one, after all it’s nice to get fresh air and stay healthy, as well as having fun and socialising while supporting some of the best sportsmen and women in world.

Sport is a big part of so many peoples lives and it would be a shame if it isn’t a part of the next generation’s lives as well.


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